Ya no es necesario renunciar a nada

Balancing is not necessary

FabricAir dispersion systems do not require field balancing. Due to the intelligent system design and the nature of our materials, we do not apply diffusers, grills or dampers and thus do not have to balance the system once installed.  We do all the "balancing" at our factory so you don't have to. With conventional metal ducting, a series of tests are necessary to ensure that the system runs as required. The goal of this airside test and balance is to verify that your terminal device (diffuser) has the specified amount of air flowing to it. This can mean balancing many diffusers and each time one is adjusted the rest of the diffusers in the system are affected, including those that have already been balanced. As a result of this, balancing a metal system is an iterative, time consuming, and inaccurate process where "within 10% of specifications" is considered a success. With a FabricAir dispersion system there is only one place to verify the airflow, namelyat the inlet to the FabricAir system. This way we can be sure that the system is performing as designed.