Meet Jonas – our new technical sales engineer in Denmark

Jonas Echberg Nielsen, technical sales engineer in Denmark
21st June 2019

Jonas Echberg Nielsen has joined the Danish sales team as Technical Sales Engineer. He will primarily be tasked with growing the Danish market.

With a bachelor degree from the Danish Technical University (DTU) in Sustainable Energy Engineering, and a couple of years’ experience from the industry, we believe he has a strong background that will be beneficial to our customers in the years to come.

“What attracted me to FabricAir is the opportunity to work for a market leading company with many years of experience and a proven track record”, says Jonas. “I find fabric-based air dispersion technology to be a very exciting solution because of the diversity in use and the infinite possibilities.”

As a true millennial, Jonas is also occupied with the climate issue.

“Considering the climate, I also find fabric ducting to be an incredibly good alternative to the conventional solutions on the market. As an example, FabricAir ducting takes up very little space during shipments, which means lower carbon dioxide emissions from transportation.”

During his studies, Jonas dug deep into thermodynamics, which will be an advantage in his work with FabricAir.

”My knowledge of thermodynamics will come in handy, as we work a lot with heat and cold currents in the air”explains Jonas.

Jonas is looking forward to serving our customers and working with them to solve their air dispersion needs.

”I couldn’t image a better place than FabricAir. I passionate about collaboration, and as the basic philosophy of FabricAir is to be close to the customer, I believe this is the ideal place for me.”

We welcome Jonas and look forward to converting his expertise into further FabricAir growth.