1,5 km of fabric ducts for the new medical storage facility

1,5 km of fabric ducts for the new medical storage facility
23rd November 2021

Fabric-based air distribution solutions are being increasingly recognized in different industries. Because of its nature, fabric ducts and whole air distribution systems are essential for one particular application – the medical industry. A well-known pharmaceutical group in China built a brand-new medical storage facility and needed a state-of-the-art air distribution solution that would guarantee the highest quality and cleanliness requirements and meet the needed standards. They chose FabricAir to design the best possible solution for the perfect indoor environment of the storage facility.

“We are proud to be chosen as air distribution solution providers for one of the biggest global pharmaceutical groups. We had a huge involvement in this project from the very beginning to the end. Our engineers were on the spot throughout all construction phases, making sure that our high quality and performance design of the air distribution system would have as little deviation from the original project, as possible. We are sure that our solution will benefit the company and our customer will be highly satisfied with the quality of the indoor environment”, – says Song He, Sales Director at FabricAir China.

The new pharmaceutical warehouse had to meet extremely high-quality standards to be operational. One of them is – the ducts of the air distribution system can in no way condense, otherwise they might start dripping water with corrosive metals and affect the stored medicine. This was achieved by using over 1500 meters of Combi fabric, which does not condense, thus eliminating the risk of bacteria and mold growth inside or on the ducts. In addition, all the fabric ducts are antimicrobial, so that they would meet the cleanliness standards of the pharmaceutical industry. The new air distribution system also secures the optimal temperature and humidity levels throughout all the premises with a help of the SonicFlow airflow model.

In addition to the quality of the product, the customer requested that the new air distribution system would not deflate during nonoperational hours and that it would fit into the whole interior design of the warehouse. Because of that, FabricAir engineers custom-designed duct retention option AIO, an All-in-One support system that keeps the ducts round when the air distribution system is turned off. To meet the needs of an overall design, a light gray fabric was chosen so that the fabric ducts could be an inseparable part of the storage facility.

The client is a high-profile pharmaceutical group that holds 52 international and domestic drug invention patents, being in the Top 3 of China’s medicine manufacturers. They develop high-tech and high added value chemical raw materials and new chemical drugs, traditional Chinese medicine, continuously work towards and invest a lot of finance to new drug research and development.