JetFlowTM is capable of generating exceptionally long throws through the use of conical jets in varying diameters.

The jets have a very high discharge coefficient due to the conical shape.

This results in higher discharge velocities than an equivalently sized orifice.

Data sheet

Exit velocity9,0 to 30,0 m/s [1,772 to 5,905 fpm]
SurfaceJets 50 to 250 mm [1.97 to 9.84"] diameter


Efficient solution regardless of ceiling height

Depending on the application, FabricAir ducts and dispersion systems can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your building, by using the best flow model or combination of multiple flow models.

For example, in buildings with low ceiling heights, low-throw airflow models are often... Read more

Flexible positioning of the flow model
Rows of flow models are placed at the desired position (indicated using a clock dial) around the circumference. The position is flexible. FabricAir engineers help design the optimum position for each application.

FabricAir has many different flow models that can be divided into two main categories: surface and directional flow models.

Directional flow models will have a row(s) of air distribution, whereas surface flow models will utilize much more of the surface area of the duct to release the... Read more

Combining Flow Models

FabricAir offers a wide variety of flow models that can be combined to create the ideal air distribution in any given project to addressing your specific challenges. 

The ideal flow model often consists of primary and secondary airflows in a combination depending on throw requirements... Read more