Full flow model range

A flow model to fit your specific needs

A flow model to fit your specific needs

FabricAir produces many different flow models to meet the specific demands of any project. The appropriate flow model depends on a number of project specific factors. What type of conditioning is being supplied: heating, cooling, ventilation, or a combination of the three? Are there any specific air velocity requirements? Do the requirements differ from room to room? There are more questions that may be asked, and the answers determine what flow model will be the best fit for your application. Rest assured, no matter what the requirements are for your application, FabricAir has the flow model to fit your needs. The flexibility of design is what makes a FabricAir Dispersion System, a so-called Smart Air Solution.
Surface and directional flow models

FabricAir has many different flow models that can be divided into two main categories: surface and directional flow models.

Directional flow models will have a row(s) of air distribution, whereas surface flow models will utilize much more of the surface area of the duct to release the air into the space.

Our in-house air engineering experts ensure that the right flow model or combination of flow models is added to the design to create the air dispersion solutions best suited to your application.

Engineered system design
Engineered system design

FabricAir dispersion systems are fully customizable and can be tailored to your specific needs. We have a dedicated engineering department to help design the optimal duct system using our proprietary 3D software.

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