Company news

FabricAir will appear in the trade show AHR EXPO-MEXICO
17th September 2021

FabricAir, a global leading fabric-based solution manufacturer, will attend the largest HVAC&R event in Latin America – AHR EXPO-MEXICO, which will take place in Venue Cintermex on 21-23 September in Monterrey, Mexico. The event will showcase products from 350+ exhibitors and is expected to draw crowds of more than 8,000 industry professionals from Mexico, Latin America, and various countries worldwide.

Building a perfect environment for indoor skiing enthusiasts
14th September 2021

When the weather is extremely hot, there is no better place to go than an indoor facility with cooling snow and ice. To create this magical experience at any time of the year, one of the key elements is the air distribution system. World Ski Resort in Guangxi, China, wished to create amazing indoor sports experience for its visitors and chose FabricAir, a leading fabric-based air distribution solution manufacturer, to create a tailored solution for the whole 25 000 sq. m. facility.

Meeting high standards brings back clients with new projects
24th August 2021

Having perfect indoor air quality and a state-of-the-art air distribution system is of the utmost importance. This is a statement that came to life for a cloth and fabric manufacturer Liningas that wove around 13 million meters of cloth every year at their facilities. Back in 2018, the company installed their first fabric-based solution in the premises of the factory and everyone, including the employees, was extremely happy with the comfort it created. 3 years later, Liningas decided to retrofit the other part of the factory with a new air distribution system and came back to FabricAir, a global fabric-based solution manufacturer, for more business.

Large South African automotive component manufacturing facility equipped with fabric-based air distribution solution
19th August 2021

A large automotive component manufacturer on the north coast South Africa required an air dispersion solution for their new facility which would be comfortable for the employees, ensuring a supply of filtered fresh air and simultaneous pressurisation of the manufacturing facility.

Low ceiling height: not a challenge for air distribution with fabric-based solutions
3rd August 2021

People enjoy big and open spaces, living and working in them but in the reality, having large and open spaces is very cost inefficient. That is one of the many reasons why quite a lot of buildings are being built with a relatively low ceiling height, around 2,7 m (9 ft) height, might vary by the country. And because of that, some of the construction processes, or, to be precise, parts of the premises, face some particular issues. One of them being HVAC. With low ceiling height it becomes hard to install conventional overhead air distribution systems as they poorly distribute air and does not contribute to high Indoor Air Quality (IAQwhich is the most important and  directly relates to the health and comfort of the occupants. However, for various low-ceiling premises there are alternatives to conventional solutions. And they involve fabric.