Retail & Public Areas - Metalco, Zaragoza, Spain

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Case study
Client or Site Name Metalco
Location Zaragoza
Country Spain
Job category Retail: Wholesaler of industrial supplies
Kind of fabric Combi 20
Color name Blue
Installation Type 1, AIO
Total air flow 24.000 m³/h
Flow models OriFlow™



When Metalco upgraded their heating system they switched to fabric air dispersion to ensure a comfortable environment with no draft and low noise.



When Metalco in Zaragoza, a wholesaler of industrial supplies, needed to upgrade their old heating generator they wanted the latest in heat dispersion solutions without a huge investment.

Their old system had caused drafts and cold feet in the large sales area of the store, so the new solution had to be a comfortable, low noise solution.



Through AIZAR we delivered a solution in blue Combi 20 with OriFlow™ to ensure efficient dispersion of heated air in the entire store and ideal comfort in the occupant zone.

We selected Type 1 All-In-One to create an aesthetic look even with the air turned off.



The result is an efficient heating solution with even air distribution, no draft,  and a minimum of noise, which creates a comfortable environment for personnel and customers in the store.


“It works really well. Wehave finally eliminated the sensation of cold feet. Last year we had to close the doors to the warehouse, but still I could feel the cold. This year we have fabric ducting. Our customers buy more, the longer they stay in the store, and for that we needed comfort without noise." Says a sales professional at Metalco.

“The fabric airdispersion solution has surprised me by how easy it was install and how well it works. Air diffusion has turned out to be very uniform and it has efficiently solved the challenge.” Says Jesús Marcen, Technical Manager of the Installer AIZAR.

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