sport - Maya Sport Center, Turkey

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Case study
Client or Site Name The Maya Sport Center
Location Bursa
Country Turkey
Job category Sport
Year 2012
Contractor Memik Mechanic
Kind of fabric Combi 20
Color name White
Installation Type 11
Total air flow 11.070 m³/h
Flow models FabFlow™, MeshFlow™, NozzFlow™

Air distribution and lighting system united in stylish solution

The Maya Sport Center needed a high-end, draft-free solution to ensure the comfort of its users.



The Maya Sport Center is the realization of a childhood dream by the famous local basketball star Murat Konuk. He wanted to create a place for friends to gather to have a great time while practicing fitness.

It is the most modern facility in Bursa, Turkey. The key parameters were to create a stylish and draft-free environment with high levels of comfort.



The contractor, Memik Mechanic, suggested using fabric ducting to ensure high occupant comfort. Together we delivered a tailormade solution for cooling and heating.

The system was designed to include LED lighting, stylishly blending air distribution and lighting into one custom system.

The solution consisted of Combi 20 fabric, with FabFlow™, MeshFlow™ and NozzFlow™ suspended via Type 11.

Low terminal air velocity ensures a comfortableindoor climate without drafts.



The end result is a pleasant, draft-free indoor climate, that prevents condensation while ensuring maximum comfort for the athletes. Whether they are practicing their sports or just hanging out.

The lighting concept looks stylish and adds to the modern feel of the sport center.

“I’ve had a dream since my childhood to gather people who want to enjoy sports in a comfortable and modern place. The Maya Sport Center is a result of this dream. The comfort level was crucial and I know this is directly linked to the air distribution system. Hence, we decided to use FabricAir due to the slow air flow models and even air  distribution. It was exactly what we wanted from the system”says Murat Konuk, Owner of Maya Sport Center."

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