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FabricAir Turkey A.Ş.

FabricAir Türkiye-Satış Ltd was established in 2008 as a fully owned sales subsidiary of FabricAir A/S. We handle sales, distribution and engineering tasks relating to fabric air dispersion systems. FabricAir is headquartered in Køge, Denmark and employs 130 people worldwide. We were established in 1973 in connection with the launch of the world’s first fabric ducting system and have grown to include sales offices in eight countries and a fully owned production facility in Alytus, Lithuania. As a company we strive to deliver the highest quality cutting edge technology within fabric air dispersion systems through attracting the best qualified people and making sure we are easy for you to do business with.


Fikret Şahin

Managing Director, Turkey

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Erdal İgeç

Area Sales Engineer

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Sevim Büberci

Internal Sales Manager

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Salih Kösalı

Internal Sales Engineer

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